Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Theirs and mine

Talked to a new friend over dinner the other day. He told me about his project that he would like to carry out and his own business. I have not been talked to someone about their dreams for some time, i was in the situation where i doesn't really know what to reply to his idea, 词穷, to be exact. I was kind of stunned. wow. People wants to bring changes to the country. That's good.

The other night, i accompanied my room mate to collect something from a friend and we asked about his plan for summer. And he said he gonna spend his summer working on building the foundation for a organization and he said he would want us to be part of it, but too bad we had internships. When we leave, my roommate told me she wanted to point at me and say "she! she! she would be interested in all this world changing stuffs!!" But i told her, "no, i wasn't interested. I thought i would too, you know, interested in joining force to bring some changes, radical changes to the student body. I was surprise too, with my honest reaction inside. And i was shock by the reaction by my roommate, why would she think that i would want to join? I didn't know I carry the revolution image myself. laugh.

"I thought you always wanted to do good things." she said. "Yea, but some other people will do it" i replied. Yea, it's a good thing, but some other people will handle it, because they wanted to. It's their dreams, not mine. It's just like how parents would tell you to become someone, but you didn't find happiness when  you become that person, because you just didn't want to. It's their dream, not yours.

image source :http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/hot-air-balloons-turkey/

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