Saturday, December 27, 2008

Central Sentral Zhong Wan Zhong Huan

hello guys...i am back...taking a break from my drama watching and visiting around Hong Kong...i am currently watching "Hot Shot", a taiwanese drama about basketball. But if i don't post up these photos now, i know i won't do it later...
Here are the photos i took in Central..
Central is actually not a place that i go very often, cause its quite far away from my uni and things sell there are mostly the "atas" things that are expensive(for me). So, its a least explored place for me.
Anyway, last Sunday i went there with a senior Shiau Aun...
We get down the MTR at Causeway Bay(i forget which one le), then hop on the tram...

#1 this is the tram rail and the tram station. this one is separated from the road. some are not, car can drive over the rail too.

#2 this is tram. its very colourful..cause it's cover by colourful advertisement

#3 this is giorgio armani in central on a sunday. with many maids picnic in front of it. such a contrass. picnic in front of a high end brand. but this is central. you should see the crowd near IFC and Exchange Square on Sunday. i dunno who cut out an area for them to picnic on the overhead bridge.

#4 this is the famous egg tart shop!! Tai Cheong. It's located on Lyndhurst Terrace, along the Central-Mid Level Escalator. Not very difficult to look for.

#5 The egg tart is really nice. I never try any egg tart with the crust like theirs. I do not know how to describe it. But do you know there's two type of crust for egg tart, Tai Cheong is the one in between the two type of crust. A Must Try!!!

#6 Another eatery along the Mid-Level Escalator . On Gage Street.

#7 Tada!! This is the one!! Lan Fong Yun. This is where Si Mut Milk Tea originated. This is the old stall..was not open on the day we went. The new shop is right next to the old stall.. I think you will see people queueing in front of it just like i do.

#8 Yes, this is the new shop. Just like any other Cha Chaan Teng, the shop is not very big. So, people have to wait outside the shop for people inside to finish their food.

#9 This is the Milk Tea. I think they use good quality tea, because the aroma very nice. The dish behind is one of their famous dish. Instant noodle with Pork Chop(姜葱猪扒公仔面). Actually not very special to Malaysian la, cause we got Kolo mee here, but in Hong Kong they used to eat soup noodles. Another famous drink is sour lemon with 7-up.

#10 After eating, then we walk up to Hollywood Street. This street is famous for selling antics and arts.

#11 This is the old Central Police Station.

#12 Shiau Aun wanted to bring me to drink sugarcane juice. But unfortunately, the shop is not open that day. Its again not unusual thing to Malaysian because you can get air tebu in any Pasar Malam. But in Hong Kong, they don't usually have this freshly extracted juice here.

#13 There's a lot of this little stalls along the small alleys on the way up to Mid-Level. But unfortunately, many of them are not open on Sundays. Don't know why they all have the same green door. Very cute actually.

#14 Another road between Central and Mid-Level. This one is not stairs but slope.

#15 This one along Pottinger Street or Rocky Road (石板街). They sell a lot costume and decorations for festival. It's near Christmas so they sell a lot of Christmas costume now. I am sure you can get more costume if you come before Halloween.

This part of Central is actually a very nice place to pak tor, especially on a good weather day. Because there are many little shops around the area, there are so many interesting things to see. You can eat and drink and shop and take photos along the way. so nice izzit??

There are more of the Mid-Level that i haven't explore. Like the Man Mo Temple. Sun Yat San Memorial. For food, there's a dim sum restaurant call 莲香楼(Lin Hiong Lau, Lian Xiang Lou). For shopping, there's a big H&M outlet. These are the place that i will go next time.

ok, i am very tired now. I think this whole post like not very organised like that. so whatever la. later i am going to Yun Long, need to get some sleep before that. ciao ciao.

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