Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good things come together so we have Dim Sum

Too bad i am bad at sports. I don’t know how swim, i don’t know how play badminton. People say the best way to release stress is to play sports, no wonder i so stress, stress don’t know where to put. How?? That day after the heart-to-heart sharing, i suddenly suggest “let’s go to sing K” .
Here we go on Saturday night to Neway at Mongkok. At first the girl at the counter doesn’t want to let us sing overnight. Thanks to Shiaun to “seduce” the girl to let us sing “a bit longer” (which is for another 4 hours..hahaha)
After singing some rubbish songs that doesn’t need much energy, we took MTR over to Central for this very famous restaurant in Central for Dim Sum. I’ve always wanted to go there for Dim Sum but i never wake up early enough for Dim Sum (i thought they only serve Dim Sum in morning, they actually serve till noon!!) But it's always good to wake up early to join the old folks for breakfast, kan?

1/ Never walk on a quiet street of Mongkok under day light before. it took me sometime to find the correct turning into the MTR station. It’s a total different view day and night.

2/ in front of a clothing shop near Lan Kwai Fong. empty beer bottles tell it all.

3/ Walk all the way from Lan Kwai Fong to Lin Heung Tea House along Wellington street. Sit down and found that the restaurant will be closed starting next day for renovation. such a good luck day. we are in time for the last day of business!!

4/ Specialty in Lin Heung, each customer can order tea of their choice and they serve you in a bigger tea cup instead of the teapot. No need to argue what tea you should have, get the one you like.

5/ then you pour tea into your cup.

6/ refill your tea, if you don’t want to bother the waiter. Take off the cover of your cup or teapot if you want the waiter to refill for you.

7/ the rare Dim Sum cart in Hong Kong. hong kong people please come to Ipoh, i bring you go eat Dim Sum and show you dim sum cart. what a proud Ipoh-mali

8/ Bring over the order sheet to the cart, pick the dishes, let ah jie chop on the order sheet.

20090510 Sing K N Lin Heung Lau
9/ Siu Mai(烧卖) and Har Gao(虾饺) . i miss the Muar Siu Mai with the chilli sauce, my breakfast.

20090510 Sing K N Lin Heung Lau1
10/Char Siu Bao(叉烧包) and Sin Juk Giun(鲜竹卷). The best char siu bao after Fu San.

20090510 Sing K N Lin Heung Lau2
11/ Jin Dui(煎堆). Like the pastry. with a special aroma and crispy. unlike the one my mum get in pasar, oily and hard. the lotus fillings is different from red bean fillings i used to have. i recommend this!!

20090510 Sing K N Lin Heung Lau (2)
12/ Chicken legs(凤爪) and Pig Liver Roll(猪肝卷). didn’t try because i don’t eat them. but an uncle sharing the same table as us insist that we should try the liver roll saying that it can only be found in Lin Heung Tea House.

20090510 Sing K N Lin Heung Lau4
13/ mushroom chicken(蘑菇鸡) and cotton chicken(棉花鸡). cotton is actually fish skin XD

14/ erm..some fried rice i forgot the name. very filling, taste like the fried rice we had during Chinese wedding banquet. and i make a stupid joke about this. keep it as inside joke.

15/ shiau aun=shiaun. the tongue don’t stick out lar

16/ ghee leng. this photo very nice XDDD

17/ very tired until i can’t think properly.
i think i should make a better ending.
thanks people for helping. thanks for helping to build up my confidence. terima kasih. 带你妈看戏. ありがとうございました. Danke! grazie! merci!
Lin Heung Tea House

160-164 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Reservation : 2544 4556

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