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The very kampung Hong Kong - Yuen Long

Did u guys remember i told you that i want to go Yuen Long this holiday??
yup, finally i did it. i finally did something that i say i will

It was a kinda prompt decision during dinner. Luckily Ghee Leng's friend who is living in Yuen Long is free the next day to bring us around.

I really should skip the part on how we finally get to Yuen Long because it's a really long story.

Yuen Long is in New Territories of Hong Kong. It can be reached by either bus or light rail(which can be reach by MRT and train). But i suggest to go by bus as you will pass by Tsing Ma bridge and a lot of beautiful scenary, so much better than passing through those dark tunnel of MTR.

Our stop just in front of the shop selling Yuen Long very super duper famous Lou Po Peng(老婆饼) called Hang Heung(恒香).

this is the 恒香 old shop. there're a few more branches in the city, one in Mongkok, one in Causeway Bay, one in Shatin, and another one in Tseung Kwan O. But some friends comment that the cakes at the branches are not as good as the main branch.

you will see many people in the shop queuing up for the biscuit. They already packed up the wife cakes into boxes. you have to at least buy a box of six(HKD24).
Besides wife cakes, there's also other biscuits and cakes and tarts.

This one is a must try in Hong Kong. The wife cake is different from the one you get in Malaysia. The esscene of the cake is the filling inside. the filling is soft but al dente and not so sweet.

After Ghee Leng's friend, Chung Man meet us at the KFC, he bring us to this cha chaan teng that sell very nice beef noodles - Bill Kee Beef Noodles.

Bill Kee Beef Noodle. Located at Kin Yip Street.

this is 牛腩面. brisket noodle. meat very juicy, the noodle quite nice, at least better than the one i get in UST and you can see they put effort into cooking the soup. The noodle is nice as in Hong Kong standard, and it's on the same level as those nice noodle in Malaysia. So finally i can say Hong Kong food is as good as Malaysia food.

beef ball. We order ala carte beef ball, can actually order beef ball noodle also. But you have to go there before 4pm, they will sell off their famous dishes like brisket and beef balls by then.

maybe only wanton noodle left by the time.

After "lunch", we head on to Yuen Long Old Market. It's on the other side of the Yuen Long main road.

We walked pass some modern housing areas and shop houses. You really should come and see Yuen Long. Maybe it will give different feel to you, but as a person who has been in Hong Kong for more than a year, all i see in town is cliques and cliques of tall buildings(some are housing estate, some are office buildings.) Yuen Long has so much less tall building, only those newly built are higher than 15 storeys. Those shop houses mostly have only one storey, not like those in the city that have a few more storey above.

remember this toys?? nostalgia...the long gone childhood.

This is the old houses in the Yuen Long Old Market (元朗旧墟). Its not a market that sell fish and meat, it's a area full of houses, the corridor between rows of houses is narrower than the corridor outside our classroom. yes, it's really very small, it can only fit into one and a half person i think, if the person fat abit than cannot fit in liao, luckily i still can fit in.. =p

This alley looks like this little space at my grandparents house, they have this super small space between their water tank and the wall, dunno for what lor, adults cannot walk in, kids play hide and seek also not enough space..but this one really look like it lo, even the height of the shop also almost like the water tank..omg..nostalgia..nostalgia..i want to go home..

see, this is the size of the corridor..this one is big one, consider main road, 'cause bicycle go in liao still got space, those branches, really very small lo..then can peep into people's house also..can see aunty cooking in the tiny kitchen...

price board outside mini old school..haha..

mini market..look like the one opposite my grandpa house..very home-y feel..

house from dunno what century..the wooden bars is the gate..can be pull out..very heavy..and rusty too..i think no one living inside because no one come out and scold us when we push open the door..very dark and scary inside.

super short house..people taller than 180 cannot go in..can form mini-land inside..

house number in Chinese..cute
the ceramic tile look like my grandpa house again..haha..kampung feel..

mail box built-in at the place saving..

abandoned house, abandoned windows

walau, got Bahasa Malay/Indonesian warning..dun pray pray..cannot tell people u cant read English..

light gate for you to go through, just a card reader at the entrance, they will try to trust you that you are an honest citizen..but u think MTR company will so nice to let u hop on just like that meh..they will have officers spot-checking at random station and random car..

light rail route..covering the New Territories..

"cannot hang clothes, if not will be move away"..but who will hang clothes by the road side, under the tree???

on the way to Wetland Park

Then we were too late, it was closed at the time we reached..never mind le, since it need entrance fee of $30.

light rail at night.. 米线大王..behind the wife cake and big and description can order combination of soup noodle + lauk + drinks for either $26 /$33..super dai sik..cannot get else where in Hong Kong..we still have a few more dishes from the set dinner thingy like salty chicken, brinjals (鱼香茄子)and veggie. not bad, the brinjals are so much than the lousy one in UST..

After dinner, of course must have DESSERT!!!!! *clap hands*

nah, you see..

very super duper the big..i think its for 4-5 person..sorry if it doesn't look big in the photo. It's Yuen Long very famous B-zai Leung Fun (B-仔凉粉). This bowl of B仔凉粉 cost $57, of course must be big. full of fruits..very healthy =)

this is Mango Glutinous Rice. very nice.

ok, that's all for the day, then we take bus to go back lo..already 10 at night liao..
good night and see you the next day..

i must go Yuen Long again next time lo..there's nice Portugese food there, then got nice dessert, got nice Lou Po Beng, got nice scenary. how can not go another time..come come, who wan to go with me??who can be my tour guide??i dun wan to get lost on my own..

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  1. Next time if i got go bring me okie??

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