Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nice dinner with lame jokes

haha..i m going to do my 1st restaurant review. such a news.
went out for dinner with some juniors on friday night. its time to breath some air outside UST. lol.
went to the Chinese restaurant that CS took me last time. kononnya, the restaurant serve the best ku lou yok (sweet and sour pork) in Hong Kong.

It's call Tak Lung Restaurant. Its located at Sun Po Kong, a not so well developed place near Diamond Hill MTR station and Choi Hung MTR Station. Sun Po Kong is actually quite near to the old air port-Kai Tak Airport, according to CS. so that area was once a very busy area, can find some nicce restaurant around the area.

The restaurant is just like any normal Hong Kong restaurant, no very unique interial decorations. it looks like normal restaurant from the outside too, large menu and advertising posters on the doors and windows, and also a small counter selling rosted meat. But the restaurant was quite well-known among the locals, many of them will book the table beforehand to save themselves a place. I wanted to do so, but i lost the menu i took last time. Its lucky for us cause it was Friday, customer flow is not as heavy as the weekends.

We were first serve with some titbits. Not fried peanuts or kacang puteh. They serve some parts of a pig. Look quite disgusting to us. alex n suyi do not want to try, but i saw some parts that look quite edible, tried some, i wonder is everyone here like it?? but not for me.

We decided to have 3 dished and they let me pick. Ku lou yuk is a must, since they haven't been to the restaurant before. Veggie also a must, must get balance nutritions. No idea for the final dish, let them pick.

this is seafood veggie pot. the seafood very fresh. prawn very big.(what is other description for seafood ah??) they put a few variety of veggie inside, not a bad choice afterall.

this is the ku lou yuk (sweet sour pork). this is not your normal ku lou yuk. They put in something to make the ku lou yuk special, and their special recipe is HAWTHORN(山楂). It makes the ku lou yuk not so sweet or not sour like those i had last time, totally spoilt the whole thing.

This is the dish Alex Jr. ordered. they named it Cui Tong Tofu. No idea what does that mean and why they named it that. It's basically steamed tofu, covered with mixed veggie and meat cutlets. The tofu does not taste like normal tofu, it taste like tofu mixed with egg white instead. I personally like this dish, very healthy. =)

they even serve dessert after the main course. That day there serve red bean and purple rice paste(红豆紫米汤) and also sweet olive cake(桂花糕). Sweet olive cake is a famous dessert in Hong Kong, they have some Chinese medicine inside, like red dates, chrysanthemum, wolfberry. very nice dessert, best serve chilled. lol.

a lot of talking in between eating, a lot of lame jokes and funny jokes, we laugh so loudly over our own jokes. even the people next table cannot tahan and keep on turning back to look at us.
let me share some jokes we share that night.

a crazy person was on a plane, then he suddenly throw the toilet bowl out of the plane, Why???
because he is crazy, no reason for that.

an old man died when he was walking on the road. Why???
because he was hit by the toilet bowl.

so funny right???

why we so lame one?? even can laugh when the jokes so lame.

haha, ok, that all for my presentation, of the restaurant.

Tak Lung Restaurant
G/F, Hong Keung Street,
San Po Kong, Kowloon
九龙 新浦岗 康强街 25号地下
Tel: 2323 0383 , 2320 7020

have website some more le, dun pray pray.

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  1. Seriously doesn't look very appetizing to me lo...the camera pny problem maybe? Portions look pitiful.

    Pig parts...urgh!! I'll eat just the stomach and liver, but that's it.


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