Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why we should get married?

That day i was doing my own laundry, and this getting married idea strucked me!!

I should get married, so that i can achieve economics of scale and economics of scale!!

You wash your clothes together, save human resource.
You cook lunch and dinner for 2 person, instead of one, you can have more varieties, not so headache when you shop for food for one. By doing home cooking, you can eat more healthy and save money.
You basically live together, two person paying for one premise. Staying in the same room and use the same fan and same light and same aircon.
You used up basic grocery like body wash, shampoo, toothpaste faster, means you will stock up more. When you stock up more, you will tend to survey for the cheapest price, and buy in bulk. It's okay, since you are buying for two person. No worries that you can't finish just like what happen when you are single.
You can subcribe to only one astro and buy one set of newspaper, no point buying two(applicable id both read the same newspaper)

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