Monday, January 4, 2010

Autumm's Concerto

Currently my favourite song!!

OST for Autumm's Concerto

突然想爱你 - 周华健&丁当

This song is really sweet, especially Emil Chau's vocal.

And here is the song that is newly added to my sing k song list

Also a OST from Autumm's Concerto

我爱他 - 丁当

ok, should go back to my book

book, not facebook

ps: cant believe i am actually watching Van Ness Wu drama. I used to dislike him during his Meteor Rain period. He look so much nicer with the clean cut hair.(i think he cut it earlier but i din even bother to notice) Same with Jerry Yan and Vic Chou, they should have cut their hair earlier!! Ken Zhu should really catch up!!

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