Sunday, November 8, 2009

How ironic life is

Remembered a few decades back, our ancestors move north from China for a living.
Now, young Chinese from overseas had started their career back in the great China.
How ironic life is.

Remembered how we used to praise mother for her cooking tasted like the dishes in restaurant.
Now, we go out to eat in restaurant and like the food because it taste like home-cooked food.
How ironic life is.

Remembered how mums always don’t allow us to go out to play because it’s dangerous out there with a lot of kidnappers and rapper.
Now, mum would like their kids to go outdoor more because kids have been spending too much time in front of the TV and computer.
How ironic life is.

Remembered how mum and dad told us they only get to eat chicken and fish during festive like Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival.
How, they tell me they like veggie better and we children should eat more plus we shouldn’t be eating so much meat because of those oxide thingy.
How ironic life is.

No, it’s not about how ironic life is. This is how the world had change. How the technology had change. How our lifestyle had change. How our daily activities had change. How we had changed.

To which side of the scale are we moving to?

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