Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grow Tall with Milo???

If the saying of when you laugh too much before sleep, you'll get nightmare, then tonight i will have nightmare *scared*.
I was doing research on something and I was sharing my findings with two friends, they later send me a link from the Google page that make me laugh to hard until my stomach was really pain.
It was a Yahoo!Answer, and the question goes like this

Will i grow taller if i drink Nestle Milo Everyday?

the part that make you rofl are the answers:

here's one:
Yes,but please be careful.My sister and I were both about 5 feet 10 before she started drinking it.
I was too scared to try it but she drank 3 a day.
She now has to wear a helmet to prevent ceiling bruises,and had to nail two beds together to stop her feet sticking out.
Pop socks are now ankle socks.

another one:
Yes. By my calculations you'll be 7 feet tall by Labor Day.

okay, forgive me. i just try to be random. cau cau~~


  1. wat the heck.. who so wo wu liao.. lol..

  2. seriously din know that u are at our standard oso, weiqi

    well at least, with this blogpost, it is already established that we 3 can really make a good gang. definitely. until one of us froze to death.

  3. crystal: haha..wu liao right?
    harry: u sure u not drunk when u comment??i think i will froze 1st =.=


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