Monday, October 12, 2009

Just feel like typing, so here’s

i think when things become smoother, i was the ranty old self again. no!!i am not going to rant much here unless KTM pay consultant fee to me!!! lap sap KTM who makes my bad day bad-er. OTK please don’t take leave ok, take care of the public transport lar kikshou. I understand where the traffic jam in KL come from, when people cant take train, they take taxi, when they earn enough money to buy car, they buy car, no matter big car or small car!!it’s you guys who create the traffic jam!!


i was on FB just now and saw some friends update. i dunno, it just reminds me of some of their unhappy relationships.

Who are there to guarantee anything in a relationship?? U know when you study hard, you can expect some better result. You know if you are driving fast you might get a fine. But what can you expect in relationships? Dunno.

I had some talks with some friends about all this boys girls thing. All of us are so unsure with each other. But that so true because we are changing all the time, we are changing, the partner is changing. We change the way we think, the perspective we see things, that’s why you cant always be the same person that is so predictable every time. Honestly, that was tiring. you guys agree with me right? You change, and you have too keep up to people’s changes, then you change to fit into it, then he change to fit into you, it’s just an no-ending loop. what’s this??

No, we willingly step into the game. You volunteered. So you have to play it. Play it or leave it. period.

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