Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In a (ground)nutshell

Hello world!!

1) It's the 3rd week!!! And i already start sleeping in class during breaks. @.@ I am such a healthy baby now, when i sleep late, i feel very tired (is it a good thing or bad?)

2) Accounting is hard like that. luckily i have my kind neighbour Amirah to furthur explain to me, if not i will die crying T.T

3) Travelling is tiring. But it's fun to have 4 days weekend *muahahahaha* class from Monday to Wednesday only. now i understand how those Business people feel and i understand how those engineering people hates us too. *evil laugh*

4) That day YenYi asked me if i have settled down. i told her "kinda". Now i know the answer. "I wasn't." It feel weird about all this changes. I am still in the progress of finding a comfortable position for myself to fit in.

5) I am now doing a similiar assignment with IELM115. Alex, i proposed to my group the toothbrush again. hahahaha. they think is a good idea.

6) i totally love staying on the top floor with the window facing no people. I don't have to be afraid that there will be people watching me with binoculars. I can open up my curtains big and get kiss by sunshine!!

7) Food in school canteen sucks. Same everywhere. And there're expensive. I can't wait to bring own food to cook. But i don't know whether the fridge is safe, i don't want my food to get stolen again.

8) i go to Studying Organization class and see people feeling lost. actually i am one of them. I was so lost last week and i draw in class.


  1. evil ar!! i monday to friday oso got class till friday 630pm summore!! @@~
    how come so long still havent settle down .. but it's good oso when u get bz u will be force to settle down haha

  2. yiwen: kenot help course is business mar..urs is engineering.

    mei ying: =)

  3. It just need some time to settle down. So, don't worry!


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