Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ground Zero

i was sitting here in my room in Nottingham University Malaysia Campus writing this.
yes, i quit my studies in Hong Kong and started another degree program back in Malaysia. I am doing year one 'cause I am doing a all together different course.

It was a very tough decisions and hard to accept at the beginning, but i am very fine now. Sorry for "lying" that i am taking a semester off, but you see that's how this blog got its name. lol

Life is coming back to the normal path, going on smoothly, at least for this moment. It feels good to know what you are doing and where you are heading. You only appreciate all these feelings and the sense of control after you've lost them once.

Now i am starting all brand new. From Ground Zero.


  1. wow~
    what a surprise news from u~
    anyway, all the best for everything lar~

  2. I had been the quite alike situation with you. So, i can understand your feeling. Since you made the choice, just go ahead for it. jia you!!!! when you are free or settle down, maybe we can meet some where in KL with Yen Yi:)


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