Tuesday, August 11, 2009


cannot tahan for not posting up these photos. i took so many photos before i come back from the evil HK but i don’t know why i am not putting them up earlier. so i must put them up to show you what you can do if you are in Hong Kong travelling. lol. act as travel blog pulak.

Dim Sum from Lin Heung Tea House
#1 how can you resist dim sum. and when it’s from Lin Heung Tea House. One of the best in Hong Kong(according to many reviews)

Dinasour Ribs from Pepperonis Pizza and Cafe
#2 very nice Dinasour Ribs from Pepperonis Pizza and Cafe.

Pepperoni Pizza
#3  pepperoni pizza. we were at the Saikung branch. there’s a branch over in Mid-level, just beside the Central-Mid Level escalator. their pizzas are nice!!

 My fav Gong Cha at Mongkok
#4 OMG, my fave Gong Cha!! say YAY!! every cup is huge, see the cup the man holding??yea, that’s the size, you can share it if you want, then you save more!! therefore it’s very “dai yum”. hopefully they didn’t raise the price.

4th July
#5 For 4th June, there’re some memorial thingy around Causeway Bay. there’s people painting themselves yellow outside SOGO. each one delivering a different message.

Pork Chop Lou Mien of Lan Fong Yuen
#6. Lan Fong Yuen at Gage Street. Famous enough, so don’t need to say much. have to say the si-mut milk tea is really nice.

Tin Hau Temple at Central
#7 Tin Hau Street on Hollywood Street.

The Peak
#8 The Peak!! very nice view, no wonder is a must-go place of Hong Kong. i recommend to go in evening, then you can see the view of Hong Kong during day and night, then have a romantic dinner in one of the restaurant.

Australia Dairy Co.
#9 Australian Dairy Co. in Jordan. Like the scramble eggs(炒蛋) very much, i heard that they add in milk to give the smooth texture.

The fake one lar
#10 Hong Kong Cultural Museum. A good place to take photos. Free entry to every museum on Wednesday!!

Avenue of Stars
#11 Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui.
lol. i am so bad at giving caption.

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  1. 我去年尾去了香港,只是我是跟旅行团的,看了你的照片后,我想我真的miss了很多美食和地方,太可惜了,希望我以后还能再去玩。


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