Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's News

1) A letter was sent by officers from MACC to the media revealing the truth of Teoh Beng Hock's death.
No one knows how true is this truth besides the people who wrote it. But us people are glad that someone finally stand up and wants to go against something that doesn't seems to be right all this while.

2) This is a news that i found most ridiculous recently. call me biased or whatever. why waste time waiting for some Hong Kong big star to see whether he'll appear in his so-called father-in-law's funeral. hello, after twenty years of not announcing his marriage(if he were), what makes you think he'll let you catch him red handed this time? If he does, why not just do it at the airport? It only reminds me the reason i doesn't like him most out of the four heavenly king.
If this is true, i really admire her love to him. Hiding for all these years, it's not that easy. and i'll look down upon him more.
Be a man, do the right thing.


  1. I'm not sure about the letter, I mean it's good and helps with the Opposition's cause, but how much do we know if this is actually the truth? Is this something they made up to score sympathy points? We should take this very calmly and see if the story fits with the actual truth. Just because BN is evil doesn't mean we should believe whatever the Opposition says.

    Sigh, somebody is willing to hide at the back of another person and be content with it for her whole life. I guess that's her choice and if she didn't like it she could just walk away with another man or just move on alone. I do admire the patience she has with him, and hopefully he'll realize that since things are already out, he should just take her hand to show appreciation for it. But then again, it's their private life, we should let them decide.

    Thank you News Anchor Weiqi! ^_^

  2. yup, we doesn't know if it's that true about the so called truth. n now i don't even know we should be happy that someone stood up for justice or to think of it might be just another scam.

    to the big star ma. i have nothing to say. it's really personal and we shouldn't be pushing them this much. but there's always a busy body inside us mar..


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