Friday, August 28, 2009

Half day Food Tour in Ipoh

len foong n berto is in Ipoh for a food tour last Sunday!! So as a local, i was delighted to bring them around for some good Ipoh food.

After picking them up from the bus terminal, our first stop was at Funny Mountain Soya Bean. They have the longest car queue in front of their tiny shop that serve very smooth taufu far and soya bean milk.

they basically only serve three things ie. soya bean milk, taufu fa and jellygrass(cincau)

the taufu fa. a very small portion for RM0.80. same for the other two drinks for dine in.

the next stop was at Sun Eng Heong Confectionary which is just a corner away. They are famous for their kaya puff, you can see that they get thousands of order a day and sometimes you’ll have to wait for 3-4 hours to get your ten pieces.

freshly baked kaya puffs (RM0.70 one)

the third stop was supposed to be at Sun Seng Fatt Curry Noodle, but too bad the shop was closed, i think Sunday was a very good business day for them that's why they can close earlier.

so we went for HorHee(河喜) instead. i forgot the name of the shop and forgot to take photos also. But the shop is very near to Kong Heng, Old Town. The HorHee only sell at night.

After lunch, we stop by Nan Heong for take-away iced white coffee.

How can you missed out old town white coffee when you are in Ipoh. but i wouldn’t want a packet for myself because I have to save my stomach for my favourite peanut soup!!

The best peanut soup i ca get so far is from Hong Kee, Pasir Pinji. The soup is so thick and the peanut aroma is so

After dessert, we went to a place to cool us down,quoting len foong.
Kek Lok Cave is very cooling inside, in fact lime stone caves are very cooling inside. The cave is my most favourite cave among a few in Ipoh area, the ceiling room is very high and there’s a well-maintained garden behind the cave.

erm..obligatory domestic violence photo of the couple =.=
102SSCAM1 (2)
very magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. Look at the lines and curves. these are the wonders of mother nature.

len foong and i wearing the same shoes. guess who is who!!!

Before a must chicken-taugeh keuy teow soup dinner, i brought them to Aneka Selera in Ipoh Garden. Aneka Selera Food Court has been around for many years, it is famous for curry noodles(Tung Ku Teng Curry Noodle).

But that evening we opt for something lighter like ikan bakar(grilled stingray), fried shrimp and squid with water spinach(鱿鱼蕹菜).

After the late tea, we went to Cowan Street Taugeh Chicken for dinner. I personally like Taugeh Chicken from this restaurant better. The aroma of the soup taste better than Lou Wong. But i have to admit the sauce for chicken and bean sprout is a bit too salty.


After dinner, it’s time to head to bus terminal to send them off.

me and my foong foong

i compile the places we went that day onto a Google map. i even added some extra places for good Ipoh food, ok maybe not some but a lot more.
oh. i love Ipoh food. <3 <3 <3


  1. Good post~!!!
    haha.. honestly, though i have lived in Ipoh for more than 20 years
    i still have no idea which part of ipoh has the good and yummy food~ lolx~ just know a few lar, not all.... =P
    thanks for sharing~!! ^^

  2. come back to ipoh more for the food next time!!


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