Thursday, July 23, 2009

star of july

yo! DJweiqi is back with some music!!

this is a musician that i wanted to introduce since very long time ago. i thought i talked about him already, but then when i go through my posts in the Music category, he’s not in any of the post.


so imma make him the star of the month!!


(do u think he look a little like Raymond Lam where the two share the long face figure)

Pong Nan(蓝奕邦) is a singer that i know of from a radio interview. He was in Malaysia to promote his second album 无非想快乐(just wanna be happy).


i was touched by a song in the album called 世界这样大.


The lyrics of the chorus was about how some people cried to get something they want but a girl from a very poor village can only get a plastic slipper in her life; In some part of the world there are people who will goes against the law to get something he desire but a couple will have to fight for a piece of biscuit during famine


what i like most about him is his vocal. he is a good bass, he has very low and firm vocal that suits his songs very much.


It’s hard to describe his vocal. It is not very melodious, yet it blend so well with the music. He sings just as if he is telling a story.


In his first two album, you can find his vocal blends beautifully with the piano background, making the songs very soothing for ears when you are working.


I am sorry to say he is not the best vocal in the market but he is quite a good singer. He make all his song his, by this i mean it’s quite easy to identify his songs. Songs with a little pinch of sadness, a little pinch of gloomy, very much story-telling-like. Plus it’s harder to sing good without all the extra musical instruments covering for you.


He wrote the song 身体健康for Dicky Cheung but he put his own version in his first album. You can hear the difference between the two singer, i feel more gloomy from Pong’s version and i personally likes his version more(all this while i wasn’t a fan of Dicky’s singer, i like his acting more).


Honestly, I am not like a hard core fans that follows every movement of his, that’s why i missed his concert in Hong Kong early this year. sigh. such a regret. I wonder how is it like to listen to him live.


I now always wonder how a singer sounds in live when i hear a very nice vocal over the radio or TV. Its the truth that not everyone sounds as good as they are on CD. so, he’s already on my list of must-go-for-his-concert. hopefully he is doing another one when he release his third mini album 邦.


oh, if you want to watch him, i think he’s one of the judges of 超級巨聲 of TVB. at least i got something from his FB page. lol

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