Tuesday, July 21, 2009


aloha!!i got my blog a new design!!again~~
hahaha..the old one is a bit too purple-ish.

a bit too bright and loud. haha..am trying to act abit more quiet and lady-like, so tadah, here’s the new design gotten from betterinpink.com.
i wanted to get some info about the designer, but seems like she’s on a spa holiday. but i like her design a lot, check out her portfolio on her website, they all look very nice, u know, girly but not in a very exaggerate way. look pink, but not very pink in some design. haha, i like her style lar.
i actually had an eye on this design last time during my search for a new blog template, but it was after i change my design to the purple city one. so imma wait for a few months later to use this design. lol. the good thing about the design is i don’t have to put a name at the header, hence now you can find the link back to the home page of the blog. let’s see what i can do for it, maybe adding a home button at the sidebar.
i think my writing do reflect the 38 side of me. haha. i dunno, this is what i feel from reading some of my own post sometime later.
ok, i run out of ideas already. am too happy looking at the new blog. every time a new blog layout is just like my baby, i will spend time just staring at it, haha, like it’s going to produce gold for me.

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