Saturday, July 11, 2009

mars and venus

boys and girls are generally the same yet we still complain about each other

boys and girls are into clothes.

girls are into clothes from different designer, boys are into jersey of different player.

boys and girls are into shoes.

girls are into shoes of different height. boys are into shoes for different games(and different player)

boys and girls are into movies.

girls are into good looking guys and love. boys are into big boobs, explosions, machines and animals.

boys and girls play computer games.

boys are into war and fighting. girls are into cuteness and coulourful.

boys and girls are into car.

boys look for higher horsepower and better auto parts. girls look for cute design and whether she can press onto the accelerator when she’s driving(lol)

boys and girls go online.

boys watch basketball and football match and porn. girls go online shopping for clothes and make-ups.

boys and girls read magazine.

girls read fashin magazine. boys read Playboy (insert rabbit)

boys and girls like exercise.

boys play sports. girls shop till they drop.

boys and girls doesn’t really differ from each other.

because they are so similar, so they moved to earth.

*updates: it's true there are always exceptional, we all know about it. i know some girls who play fightinh games and boys who are playing those cute games on FB. but aren't the abonementioned the stereotypes we put on each other?? boys complain girls shop too much, girls complain about boys are spending too much time with their friends on the court. girls will get mad about her bf when he's playing games in CC but she forgot that she's also very into some colourful cutie little games.

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  1. Didn't really like the way u brand guys are people who love big explosions, machines, animals and big breasted women, especially the latter one. I find the writer rather shallow in defining men so. Or rather the men around did give her that kind of impression. Big boobs doesn't mean u have everything really. Just means you're gonna sag when you're old, like two hot water bottles, nobody finds that attractive. Besides, that is just a natural nature to assume women who are full-bodied are more fertile, it's animal nature. But humans are capable of thinking beyond their animal instincts, so to simply say only big boobs will bring big bucks in movies is really spiteful and demeaning to men, because not everyone thinks so.

    There are women who play war games and even dotA etc etc, and there're guys who play cute colourful games. I have a neighbour who loves to play with his soft toy dog and talk to it, which I find kinda creepy.

    Somehow this is rather sexist. But it's your opinion anyway, just hope you realize there's another angle that I'm coming from. ^_^


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