Thursday, July 16, 2009


gosh. basically the past few days i have been spending most of my time with my pillow and blanket. fever wasn't the best thing to happen even in a holiday. and soarthroat too. oh, and flu too. yes, and also cough. see, that's the medicine that i am taking there few days.
blame myself for not drinking enough water and Tesco for selling cheap Chipsmore and Chipster. lol. my brothers and me are all down with the same sickness. my parents are so headache with us. i guess there will be no more chipsmore + chipster together again.



  1. r u now..recover d ..

  2. why u so farnee wan?
    21 liao still get sick like a kid :P

    take care lah,if not i come ipoh u sich kenot layan me how???


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