Monday, July 6, 2009

If you

happen to be waiting for someone, happen to be waiting for your movie to finish download, waiting for your McD delivery, waiting for your mum to come back with tapao-ed food, or you are so so boring like that, then here are a few interesting  and creative video clips to keep you busy for a while.


#1 i bet most of you watched this video before.

moral of the story : do not think dirty all the time


#2 a stop motion video using post-it. there’s is even a video about the process of making this video.

moral of the story : do not stock up so many post-it at home, because they will turn into hammer and sea(and then i will be drown)


#3 another stop motion video. a music video for “her morning elegance” of Oren Lavie

moral of the story: erm. you won’t know if you are suffering from Somnambulism??


#4 another stop motion video. using printer this time. an advertisement for HP.

moral of the story: parents please watch their kids when they are using computer and printer. you won’t know if your kid is inspired by this video.


#5 a music video by a Japanese band named Sour. They made their fans from all around the world to help them with this MV, and they capture themselves with webcam only!!

moral of the story: do not make ugly face facing the floor or the ceiling, because ur neighbour upstairs or downstairs may take a photo of you without your notice.

ps : i want to write about a HK singer that i like very much. hopefully it will be my next post =)

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