Monday, July 20, 2009

post of no purpose

when the country are getting very sad and angry over Teoh Beng Hock's death, i was busy doing something else, because i am a stupid Chinese lidat.
okay, enough.
i am off with a mission. lol. a secret mission, assigned to me, by me. okay, i am really trying to sound stupid here.honestly, i do think i am getting stupider. i doesn't even think myself is as smart as i used to be. but maybe i was arrogant last time, thinking i am very geng liddat.
anyway, this is post for nothing. i just felling typing away on my keyboard, after spending some hours on if i don't do some typing, i just feel bad for my blogger account. okay, i am going crazy too.
so, the purpose of this post is to show how stupid and how crazy i am.

oh, by the way. i got myself an account in Twitter. i spent sometime on the web exploring the site. it appear fun in someway, i find interesting people on it like @Khairykj. i heard that Twitter is a blast over in the States, but it's not something very hot on my social cirlces, so i guess it will end up like my Plurk. getting updates from me less and less. i m trying not to let it be that way. now i wonder how i can get "weiqi" in Plurk, coz weiqi and even menoliar is taken in twitter, i have to squeeze my brain to come up with a name for my page, i am so uncreative for coming up with anyway, do follow me on twitter of u also have a twitter account. =)))

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