Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi One for Three

Went for sushi with my foong foong n berto last night at Mongkok One Sushi!! because they offer half price sushi after 10pm with each person have to spend $60.
So many people were waiting outside for seats. We waited for around one hour, stand outside the shop until we were so boring until we went to buy paparazzi magazine. haha. the cover story is Kay Tse did plastic surgery. dunno what is so big deal about it. the magazine even report 张家辉 and 关咏荷 went to look for new house in Hong Kong Island area. walau, why are people looking for new home bothering Hong Kong people?? people buy new house cannot meh?
They cant get us a table so we have to sit by the conveyor belt. Before we went in, we already ticked the ordering form and only give the ordering form to the waiter.
Not too long later, we got our food. Here are some of sour food, sometimes too busy eating until forget to take out camera.

Salmon sushi~~

my favourite Tamago <3

Squid Sushi

Creative roll - forgot the name =.=

Mango and Salmon roll. the mango is small like half of my finger nail.

olala~~guess who is this..
BRAD PITT roll..wahaha..we ate brad pitt..brad pitt wei..angelina jolie don’t be angry..haha..

my another favourite - salmon sashimi!!!

octopus sashimi. erm. taste weird.

Temakizushi : the middle one is Califonia Handroll, the two by the side is Soft Shell Crab Handroll
hoho..minimum spend of $60 will be very full for one person since sushi and rolls will be half price, you can eat double the portion than normal.
Day 26 : Domestic Violence wtf. the owner of the hand you know who you are. wahaha

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