Monday, April 13, 2009

Up South

For the Easter break, it’s such a good chance and opportunity for me to get out of town and go up north to Shen Zhen and Dong Guan.
The purpose for the trip is to visit a few firm & factory and a university in Guang Dong area. China is known as the world factory, many transnational company have choose to setup a factory in China because the workers’ salary is so much cheaper, or i can say i super duper cheap.
It’s only RMB 900 per month( working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week), if they work more, like 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, their salary can only go up to RMB 1600. (This is for the company that provide accommodation to their workers)
But according to those owners or managers of the factories, China is actually gradually losing it’s competitiveness to even cheaper countries like Vietnam. The salary of workers in Vietnam is only one forth of the salary of workers in China.

The world is changing every minute, in a way that we might not even know.
Back to the trip, we depart on the very early morning of Good Friday. It’s out of my expectation that they will be a huge crowd at the border.

look at the crowd at the border.

i was being shoved here and there by aunties and uncles with the red and white stripes bags.

the border area looks like the protest in Thailand without red shirts.

the highway toll.

big cars like buses and trucks have a bigger version of car number at the back.
at night we stayed in 5 star hotel call Regal Palace Hotel in Dong Guan.

a 5 stars hotel must-have.

hotel side bed. i miss Traders T____________________T

my roommate for the night - au yeung

breakfast at the top of the stairs. Its actually a ballroom. because there are quite a few tour group staying in that day, so they arrange everyone to have breakfast in the grand ballroom. a bit rush, that’s why din take picture.
i miss Traders T_____________T their breakfast very nice. i miss the juices. i miss the food. i miss the restaurant.

car showroom. balloons that look like red lantern.

very colourful and cute houses ^^

a big green area by the road. China is too spacious to have enough place for such a big green area in between roads.


handkerchief for everyone at the table.

Ipoh(怡保) is purified water. hahaha.

fire station???

spot the spelling mistake!!
that’s all for the day, i will add more caption to the photos later


  1. hey!!
    i've been to tat 5 star hotel n i had my breakfast n dinner there b4!


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