Thursday, April 16, 2009

April no Fool

oh god. i am so backdated with my project 365. i think i didn’t update for more than 10 days. and some days i even didn’t even take photos. haih~~

Day 14: new chairs for us!! like and no like the chair. like because the leather of old one will always come out, very ugly le.

no like because the new chair is lower than the old one. now i am shorter by my desk. me already short, now i am even shorter. sigh sigh sigh

Day 15 : Hong Kong Central library that looks like a 5 stars hotel from the outside. Hong Kong people actually complain about it when they construction finished, they don’t like a library that is too grand and magnificent. I heard that you can cancelled the wrong button that you press in the lift, didn’t dare to play with the technology because very paiseh one lor.

Day 16: No photo.

Day 17: Meeting again. Pizza Hut’s pizza for lunch. Pizza Hut in Hong Kong serve nicer pizza than Pizza Hut in Malaysia. more fillings and thinner pizza bread.

Day 18: No photo. Didn’t even remember what special thing i did. sigh

Day 19: Same with Day 18. sigh x 2

Day 20 : I took too much photo of food. no wonder i am fat. sigh sigh sigh. dinner with professor. the sandwiched is too big for me. everyone have to wait for me to finish. $54 for 3 pieces of breads.

Day 21: a missing day. a sleepless day. a sleepy day.

Day 22 :  A Day in Wetland Park. water lily very beautiful. Later share photos with you guys le.

Day 23: First Day of the China Firm Visit. This is the university that we went - South China University of Technology(华南理工). It’s one of the best university in the area. There are two campus for this university, the one in the photo is the new campus located at University Town(大学城), the old campus is in the town of Guang Zhou. We went to the wrong campus at first, the campus we should go is the one in Guang Zhou town. Too bad we cant spend more time in there, the old campus entrance looks a lot like Taiwan University, very poetic and literacy.

Day 24 : A computer city in Guang Dong area. Shops in Guang Dong area are gather in “city”. computer city, shoe city, hardware city, bla bla bla.

Day 25: Weiqi Einstein

Day 26: secretly post another photo for the day, to make up for other days who do not have picture.

A guy with bold dress up. Permed hair, plastic-look-alike jacket, colourful pants, and handbag(on the other side, not the green one). Branded stuffs from head to toe.

Day 27: Sushi again!!! and of course not to forget salmon sashimi 20070218175350

sushi for two consecutive days. sinful ah sinful ah.

Day 28 : i develop the photo of me and my foong foong and her berto!! but the grass lar..grass were covered by the ad. oh, and i found the name tag we used last year during promotion period. memories. one day i should write about the society i joined XD

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