Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shop for Photo = photoshop

I found this very funny blog when i was very boring and i cant decide what to do when i have so many things to do.
I just start playing with Photoshop lately and i am a bit addicted to it. i made my own blog banner/header with it. i design poster for my society. i made a few desktop wallpaper. just to try out some brushes that i downloaded from the net. Then today i found this website!!
it's about photoshop disaster, of course. How people use photoshop in commercial but they did it so badly. It is know to us that a lot of commercial we see these days are all photoshopped, if not all those artists won't look so nice and flawless. You think the make-up and ICA paint can really do all the miracles meh?? It's all photoshop la.. But it's so funny to see it when they screwed up something. I cant believe some of the poster of the best selling movies are having some problems. Like this one. I didn't notice anything wrong about it when i watched the movie because for me, they won't make such stupid mistake, but in fact, they are making stupid mistake and make them look stupid now.

And most of the problem are with reflection, liquify, clone, and placing an item in the pictures.
Read them and next time pay attention to the posters you see.

guys, next time no need to be so high when u see photos like this, they may be..erm..not real
but they can just get away easier in this type of photos, guys wun even notice what they did to the photo when they see the pose..haha..

Now i would really hope to find mistakes they made in the slimming company's advertisment all around HK MTR stations. out of 10 ad places, 7 of them will be from the slimming company. And you will see the same actress in different clothes every few months. I have be seeing Janice for over a year in every MTR station (even in MTR car!!!!!) . can they change their spokeperson??? But now i saw some new faces among the slimming ad, not like that are new to the industry, but they are new in the slimming ad industry. I would like to found out that they actually liquify their body shape so that they look so nice, because i think some of the poster look not real to me, you may think i say so because i m just envy how they are slim and i am fat, but you have to see it with you eyes how thin they look in the photos and how they look on TV and other places, it's just so not persuasive to look at the flawless poster.
They must have pay alot to the Photoshop Expert. I guess who get higher pay, the spokeperson or the expert???

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  1. Of course PS expert lah!! Pick any Tom, Dick or Harry with PS and you can make a star out of em'!! That's how the entertainment business in HK is wat...not many with real quality in them, just pure looks or just PS and voice synthysizing ma...

    I think your Plurk says it lah. Even u also wann gam fei, no need to ask why so many gam fei company lah... >.<

    Eh cheesie, sweatlee and keju de PS not bad oh!! Must pai shi lo...

    PS: I never PS my pics...coz i dunno..zzzz


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