Wednesday, October 1, 2008


today is hari raya!!and i got holiday!!!yeah holiday!! i love holidays!!how can you not love holidays??they are so lovely. =)

actually what i want to say is food!! i am missing the food in Ipoh so so so so much!! i am craving for Ipoh food so badly that i'll do anything for a ticket to go back to M'sia now!! yesterday i feel like listing down all the food i wanted to eat so that when i am back home next time, i know exactly what i want to eat and not waste time thinking of where shoud i eat what should i eat. all the thinking is just time wasting. it's sometimes not a good thing to live in the place that is famous for good food, when you left the place, you'll miss the food there because they no other place that you can find the same taste. I know my taste bud was not as good as it used to be after one year of eating not-so-nice food here in my campus, but i just cant stop thinking of the food that i used to eat.

these are the food that i am craving for!!! just cant wait to eat them!!

1) Fried Chicken!! KFC and Po Lee are prefered.

2) 花生糊 at Pasir Pinji, oh yea, and also their mua chi.

3) 云头浪 at Prince Kopitiam. yesh!!

4) ais kacang batu behind the tai woh yuen market.

5) curry mee opposite MGS

6) curry mee near tai woh yuen market

7) bak kut teh near Taman Book Bak

8) bak kut teh near pasir puteh maybank

9) kaya puff from *i forget the shop name but i know how to get there*

10) peanut puff from the shop opposite Tuck Kee.

ok, that's all for the day. i need to go on with my work. babai.

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