Monday, October 6, 2008

Life's tough

I saw a poster when i walk passed the notice wall after class today. The poster was from the school of social science i think, they was a postgraduate student from the school passed away few days ago because of leukemia. She was the only daughter of the family(i think because of the one-child-policy in China) and her family now facing financial difficulties because she was sort of the financial support of the family because her mom was retired and her dad is not permanently employed after military. Her death was so sudden to her family and all her friends because she was a healthy person all this while, no one expect that she will get this fatal decease and died in such a sudden.

It cause me think about something again. We read about people appealing for financial aid from the public because they cant pay for the medical fee in the paper from time to time. They wanted to stay alive, they want to continue their life, that's why they ask for help. But is it always worth it to wanted to cure your decease? What if your sickness can never be cure because the current technology cannot is not that advance to cure your sickness, but they are ways to keep u alive for a few years more, but you are definitely going to die in earlier age. What is the right thing to do?? Let make the situation even worse. Your family cant afford to pay for the medical fees, not because no one is working or what, just that the medicine and everything is too expensive, where you family have to work for a few jobs just to get enough money to pay for your medical fees. There's this one time that i think about this. What if i was the one who got the decease? What will i do when i am sure my parents cant afford to pay the thousands of fees(should be around this figure when it comes to fatal sickness)? Not that they are not willing to pay, maybe they will have to work so hard to get more money, get a few more jobs, borrow money from people, so that i can have a few years more on earth, but no matter what, i am going to die in the end, not dying naturally, but die early. Will i let my parents to do so?? Work few jobs and maybe themselves will fall sick, just to see me die a few years later?? Is that worth it?? I am not saying people who have the determination to live is wrong, but at some moments i do not want to see them suffer along with me but the result is not compatible with the effort they put in. At some times, i would rather i let myself die than let the others suffer, there are not so many miracles in the world after all. How can you guarantee miracles?? If they can be guarantee, they won't be call miracles. So, in the end, what is the right thing to do?? I know it's very sui zai and loser to give up, but what if it is a decease that has no cure?? what will you do?? I am sure i will go for a try in curing myself if it is a cure-able sickness, at least i tried, if i failed, i will be satisfy. But what if, what if, very very touchwood, what if they is never a way to recover?? They is no definite answer, right?? People argue so much euthanasia(practice of ending a life in a painless manner), should it be legalize?? It was say to be a way of relieve to the patient. Some family members agree on euthanasia because they were so sad to see their loved one suffer from a decease that can never recover. But was it the right thing to do, right legally and right morally?? What is more important?? Can anyone tell?? Can anyone be sure he's making the right choice??

I don't know. Life is just so fragile.

sleep in peace my friend, although i do not know you. god bless everyone of us. free from decease and sickness. and help people to make a right choice in life.

Life's tough, you know.


  1. i think,it is at least to say,no one is alone in this world...

    we are all emotionally attached,somehow...

    i think it is really beautiful,how people care about each other,i m sure u wouldn't want people around you to suffer because of you,but let me tell you,they suffer the most if they lose you,and they would try their best to win the extra moment they could spend with you...

    life is not life,if there's no ups and downs...the only thing we could do,is find the small happy moments while facing life...:D

    i'm sure u've found yours...

    be happy...

  2. Maybe the thing that we should be focusing on is not about when 'we' would die, but rather how we would spend the extra time gained through all those expensive medication or treatment. Knowing when exactly we would die is sort of like a blessing if you don't mind me saying. Given a chance... i would love to know when i will breath my last breath on earth, so i can finish all the things i should finish by then.

    We don't start living until we have conquered death. To the matter of that fact, everyone dies. For me, whats important is whether we spent all our time without regret and fulfillingly.


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