Saturday, October 11, 2008

i actually hate liar

ok, i want to blog.
but before a "serious" post, i would like to say
FUCK OFF THOSE LIARS who cheats on your girlfriend.
what goes around,comes around. There will be karma my dear. Just wait for the day.
you won't know i was talking about u anyway. i just want to express myself, can???

We don't like liar, do we?? but i tell u, i hate people who cheats, to their partner. relationship should be about trust, honest. When there's no honesty, everything will break apart.

I don't know u liar, and u better don't let me know you.


  1. Calm down, there's no need to be upset about others.

    She is responsible for herself, and you shouldn't be responsible and be upset about it. Well, unless u are somehow related with it then your interests is affected, then u may have a right to be upset.

    Otherwise, I tend to ignore whatever happens and just sit and watch. I feel this is more of a real-life experience and it helps with my own decisions in the future.

    If you really feel upset about certain matters, then u can always do what I did, ignore and boycott. It's cruel, heartless and it works. But if the other person is not upset about it, no point being so and in the end u will suffer.

    Wah, me give back advise for u le...belanja me BKT? XD

  2. no, this time i am really angry!!! i m not going to follow ur advice, i know what i am doing. but too bad the thing is i can do is be here and angry. i cant do any other things, that frustrating u know??


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