Saturday, September 27, 2008

bad day

Today is Saturday that means i'll end up doing almost nothing. I will sleep late on Friday, which probably means sleeping early in the morning of Saturday. but the bad thing is i wake up to my menstrual pain this afternoon. why on earth there is something call menstrual pain??? why on earth only girls suffer from menstrual pain. i think this time is the most severe pain i have so far. until i have to stay in bed for some time before i can get up. stupid menstrual pain.


I am super duper triple quadruple and watever how it is going to continue ANGRY and MAD now!!!!! some stupid idiot(s) stole my food from the fridge in the common room!!!!!! you stupid idiots!!!!why there are so manmy thief in my floor!!!who is the culprit!!!dun let me find you!!! there's a purse lost from our floor, my pot was stolen last time, then jasmine knife, then now my food!!!you stupid idiot bastard!!!! my food!!!!the food i just bought yesterday!!!!!i am very very angry now!!!!
you little thief(s), i dunno how mnay of you.. but you guys will pay back one day because you guys took too much from our floor!!! so many things missing from our common room!!!! you guys will pay back one day!!!!!!
you look out!!!!!
i am sooooooo angry now!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. btw do you know that man has 'menstrual cycle' as well? I mean, not physical but rather a monthly emotional cycle. It made us man feel like shit as well. Don't worry. Man and woman are really equal.

    I don't think that the thieves live on your floor. Usually they won't steal from their own floor. I will say that it could be people from upper or lower floors as they can deliberately got away with it asap after they did the 'fridge' job.



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