Tuesday, September 23, 2008

weiqi cooking - hagupit

I was back to my room this afternoon after my class to close the windows because i received e-mail informing us about the typhoon. I have an hour before my next class, so i was not rush. But, you know what, weather is really something you cant predict, the sky look clear this moment, but it starts to rain the next, especially on this typhoon day. The little lazy devil inside me pushed me to make the decision of not going to class under this weather. So, i decided to turn back to my room after 10 steps away from my hall's door.

It's typhoon Hagupit this time. the signal for the No. 8 typhoon was up this evening at 6, means no outdoor activity after that. in fact, u won't want to go outside before that. The strong wind will stop you from going anywhere, and raining will make thing worse. The sound effect of the typhoon is so good enough to get an Academy Award, but this time maybe Golden Horse Award since it is in Hong Kong.

Anyway, i don't know how long will the typhoon last. No1 signal hoisted yesterday, no3 hoisted this morning at around 11, i think. and no8 at 6pm. not a very suitable time for typhoon. most of the classes ended by 6pm, no class will be cancelled, so sad la.

Believe it or not, i actually do not know what to introduce to people when they ask me about food in Hong Kong. The place that i normally eat in will be the restaurants and cafe in the university. But my university is camparatively smaller than some of the university in HK, and also locate at a more ulu place. There's only 4 restaurant/canteen, a cafe, a "atas"-level Chinese restaurant and a "atas" level bistro. Can cross out the two atas-level restaurant because i cannot afford to dine in there, the only times i'll eat there is when the school is having some fuctions there.(very happy when they have free food, will eat as many as i can, if can tapao then better XD)
Ok, anyway, what i want to say is, i rarely eat outside, unless i went out. If i went out, mostly i will be in Mongkok or HangHau. If i was in Mongkok, roadside snacks will done for me. And a must will be the taiwanese style drink. A cup of the drink is full enough for me. If i was at Hanghau, food at the market will do for me because there is a market there. That's why i know nothing much about food in hong kong. I even have to read other people's travelling blog to find out the nice food, so teruk.

Anyway, this semester, i decide to let it be a cook-by-myself-semester (1st semester was cafe-semester, 2nd sem was LG5-tea-semester) because i do not want to spend to much money on eating and i do not want to eat the big portion of food serve in the restaurant here. So i start to cook more this semester, almost everyday if there was no invitation for dinner. Today, the typhoon Hagupit day, of course no dinner gathering outside, so i can cooked. cooking is actually one way of money saving. Let me show you how.
Here's what i cooked for dinner today. 


Beijing Ramen. HKD6++  Can cooked for 10 times since i do not eat much each time

Veggie. Wawa Veggie HKD6.30 for 3 pokok. here is half pokok, so HKD1.05
below the wawa veggie is carrot, half a stick. HKD7.60 for 1kg which is around 8 sticks. HKD 0.50 per meal. 

Pork. HKD9.6 for whole piece. i think can cook 3-4 times. so will be around HKD2.70 each serving

Here's how to masak it. 

Cooked the ramen 1st. for around 4mins. then take out and put in plate.

then pour all the water away. dry the pot. pour in oil. heat the oil. 
put in meat first because it take time to be cooked. stir fry it.
then put in the veggies. fry with high heat. 
when the veggies look cooked, put in the sauce. the choice of the day is black pepper!!
mix black pepper sauce with some water, then pour into the pot( this is my way of cooking, not sure whether is the correct way)

the whole thing will become like this. let it cook for a while before serving.
oh yea, forget to mention that i actually put the ramen in hot water while cooking the meat to avoid it from drying up. it absorb water fast.

this is my dinner. ramen in black pepper. (i think is new flavor, even beijing people haven't try this before..lol) haha, since like this, then must give a name to this dish, since i kinda invented it ma.let see, hmm...how about hagupit ramen(can substitute with different noodles). ok mou??

there's one things that need to be improve next time if i cook this aka hagupit again
 - put more sauce, because the sauce will dry up fast and i end up with little sauce today. 

here's my cooking experience. i'll come out with more recipe later. will be frying rice tomorrow. something i have waited for so long time to cook. that day i cant even sleep because all i have in mind was nasi goreng. let's see, nasi goreng kampung or nasi goreng paprik???*saliva drop until floor*

oh, yea! i haven't calculate how much does this meal cost me 
ramen : HKD0.60
wawa veggie : HKD1.05
carrot : HKD0.50
meat : HKD2.70
oil and sauce : HKD2.00( approximately la)
electric and water : included in hall fees

equavalent around RM3.50. so cheap le. where to find food with this price that can fill up your tummy like my hagupit???? only in my common room XD

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