Friday, September 19, 2008

something we call love

after all these while of me being bother by the old matter that happen years before by someone(u know who you are), someone finally clear up all the questions of this very pity boy.
i am actually glad about it. there will be a misery boy less out there.
sometimes i just do not understand why cant he move on with his life after all these years. the matter happened 1 to 2 years ago, two boys over one girl. and the girl picked a boy, and the other boy was angry. the boy cant get over it. because the boy the girl picked did not treat her the way the misery boy think she should deserve.
i feel strange talking about this matter again. but i wanted to.
all these happen because of something. something called LOVE.
this is a relationship that taught me about the complication of love. i heard so much of them, even after so many years. i think about a lot of things in love. why we love? who should we love? what we love?
love suppose to be something between two person, a boy and a girl( in some cases, it can be a boy and a boy, or a girl and a girl) just that simple, don't you think? but why there will be times when it will involved a lot of people?? what happen if cases like this happen? why things have to be so dramatic? is it difficult to know who you actually likes? is it difficult to choose?
in the end, i can't figure out anything for the questions. this is not something that you can solve with mathematical formulas you learn. if there's no logical solution for love, then what is the answer for it? can anyone tell? i doubt it. it doesn't make u a love expert even though you are in a relationship. just because everyone is different. there are so many best selling books on the rack telling you how to deal with the opposite side, deal with yourself. but does everything will work out smoothly as the books tell you? It's just like there are a lot of books telling you how get rich, but how many person actually become billionaire because of the books?? you tell me. but there are still people out there weaving their billionaire dream. so what's now? some people are too confidence with themselves??
there are so many things that do not have a explaination for it or maybe we shouldn't ask for one. somethings are just meant to be leave unexplain because the so called truth may be the answer that hurt most. maybe it is better to move on with the questions because there is no definite answer for LOVE. what i understand about all these after all these years? nothing. nothing. the more i see, the more i heard, the more i am confuse.
what is the so called love? what is it all about? people telling me they loved, but is what they do reflect love? i do not know. people have different ways of loving the others. not because the books and the dramas say so, and it have to work that way. this is the real life and you encounter with the real person. real person with real feelings. people are happy, sad, angry, mad and even confuse. how can you judge who is right and who is wrong? i don't even think the person involved can tell, not to say those seeing from far. what do we know? we judge saw those happened in front of us, how about those behind-the-screen stories? what do we know?
after all, we realize that we actually know nothing about LOVE.

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  1. hm....haha well couldnt agree more.
    Love is the root of all woes!!!!
    F*** love!
    Nah its great for some people. it's very simple for some people. And lets be happy for them. It just tends to get complicated for some ppl and for some reason we hear about those more because people who are involved in complicated "love" tend to whine more hehe. Thsoe who are happily in lvoe won't need to broadcast to the whole world. So tehre lor.


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