Sunday, September 14, 2008

school starts

There's nothing interesting to be blog about after school starts. Daily routine was almost the same, wake up, breakfast(if i was early), go to class, lunch, class, and more class, finish class, dinner, watch movie, study a bit, then sleep. This is basically what i do everyday.
I started this semester so differently from last semester, last semester was a total mess, and i start to put things back into piece this semester. I do not know how far can i go, but this will be the start and there's this chinese saying " a good start will be half-way through success" =)

ok, i lied about nothing to blog about after school starts.
There's actually orientation week going on from 3rd Sept till 12 Sept. this orientation period was meant for clubs and societies to recruit new members(mostly freshies) and promote their up-coming activities. So, most of my free time will be at the counter with my fellow ex-cos, trying to persuade the interested students to join us. it's quite hard for us to recruit members because out society's activities include hiking where most of the people will not like it. and the name of the society does not sound hip to them *sad*.

the counter we set up. looks so shabby =.= we tried to take this photo with self-timer until a guy from the next-door counter come and ask me y not ask people to take for us. but i just like to take self-timer, i like the angle =p

the infamous jump shot in the atrium after we cleaned up.

post-event celebration at korean style bbq and steamboat. look at the empty plates on the table, they marinated the meats so nicely, until we have to go to the food counter to get the beef again and again cause it's too hard for us to stop. sorry i din take a lot of photos there cause i was just too busy eating XD

I am so glad i can still write something happy. i talked to my parents yesterday, they told me everything will be okay back in Malaysia. all i have to do is to take care of myself. really dunno why things will turn up like this. Is it because they are too clever or too stupid??? we never understand, just like the SHO in HKUST.

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  1. Haha, nice O'Week there.

    BN is really desperate...they're trying old tricks that were supposed to work, but the rakyat is getting more and more informative and wise. So it's not going to stop us from kicking them out on Sept 16, if not, the next general election. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully we'll see the rebirth of Malaysia.

    I've always wondered if politicians are supposed to be smart or stupid? Then why the hell do we have people like Bush or Badawi?? Sigh....


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