Saturday, September 13, 2008

Far away land

i am just far far away from my beloved(???) country. but most of the time, i will try to ignore all the news and things that happen since i left. There's no newspaper on the living room's coffee table every morning. There's no news on the TV every evening. Not even news on the radio.
I can choose to not click on to any of the newspaper website. I can force my friend not to talk about Malaysia with me.
But sometimes things are just hard to do. Although i did not read the news for the day, news will still pop up on the MSN.. those news are the last thing u wanna heard of, hmm..not even last, i don't want to hear about it ever.
What's happening over there??? I m so worry, about my family. Will anything happen to the people over there if there will be something even worse happen?? It's hard to predict what's going to happen next. Will the history become the new top news on the newspaper?? NO, i do not hope so.


What's happening now?? Can i pretend there's nothing happen in M'sia and it is still the beautiful country i love???

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