Friday, August 22, 2008

nuri nak kraker dengan dua keju

/* updates: finally the eye of the typhoon leave SaiKung and moving upwards to New Territories. rain stop. wind dies. good. two crackers for nuri.*/

it's typhoon 9 day. typhoon Nuri is in Hong Kong today. hah, the parrot typhoon according to my local friend.

strong winds and heavy rain, since this morning. i was waken up by the hall attendance to close my windows this morning at 7 something. it was already raining at that time. The last time i "met" a typhoon was a #3 typhoon in March. that was not a very bad one, i can still go out. but this time, it's just so hard to go out, i can felt the wind pushing me away with it. It's so hard to move in the opposite direction of the wind, the force is strong enough to blow a baby away.

by the way, i came out today to meet with a group of Malaysian freshies. These people are so lucky, to witness the typhoon on their second day in HK. since we have nothing to do and they have nothing to do. we cant go out, they cant online, so we bring them to look around the school. Time flies so fast, last year we were here and we were guided by Jack who also did the same to show us around. We even end up having lunch in the same restaurant like last year. wtf. ok lar, that is not many restaurant to choose from.

anyway, because of the typhoon, we cant go anywhere except staying in UST. the uni is so boring with all the facilities off.

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