Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i was damn unlucky today.

i was kicked out from my room because i forgot to extend my summer residential period. The cleaning ladies cleared up my room when i was away. i don't know how long they took. My room was packed with the luggage of 6 person, specifically, 6 non-local female students. Everything we have is in the room. Luggage was piling from the floor to the ceiling, yet the cleaning ladies manage to move everything out. I need to thank them for doing me this favour.

sigh. luckily there is an empty bed in my senior's room, so i will be staying in her room for 2/3 days until i can move back. to the exactly same room and same bed. very confusing right?? they moved everything out and then i'll need to move everything back again. then they still charged me for checking out late. i rather they let me stay in the room and charged me than making me moving the luggages and still charge me.

luckily there's still shanshan here to organize the luggages they moved to the temporary storage room. i shall take a photo of the luggage of us in the storage. then you will be amuse by how we manage to stay in the room packed with stuffs. (too bad i deleted all the photos of the room because my camera memory was full yesterday. i did not expect they will move our things out, so i think i can still take the photos again.)

sigh again. anyway, this will be a good lesson to everyone, especially the juniors. Do remember to check e-mail for often.

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  1. hi weiqi!

    haha I cant believe SHO did this to you! I don't see the sense. haha...

    anyway sorry i didn't get to talk to you guys last night, because I had to move hall too...oh the inconvenience... lol

    anyway hope to meet with you and other new malaysians soon. One year passed by so quickly isn't it? lol

    see you~


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