Monday, August 18, 2008

sweaty summer sleepy class

i am now blogging from the computer barn where i had my training of CAD. please don't tell my instructor that i am actually not paying attention in what he's saying. he was babbling there in Cantonese where it's so hard for me to fully understand it. I am just not used to listen to Cantonese in class. during school days, there was always Mandrarin, English and Mala, there's never Cantonese. Cantonese is only for conversation purpose. haih, how i wish Sanura was here, then the instructor will have to teach in English *evil laugh* but then, everyone will have problem understanding him, because his English is not that good. just now he was telling us something about AC$. he read it as "A-C-Dollar", but i keep hear it as "A-C-Dora", i keep look through the hand out but i cant find any dora-look-alike word on the page, in the end only i realise he was trying to say dollar =.=


it is so much hotter and warmer here in Hong Kong than in Malaysia. Malaysia is well known for its location near the equator and it's summer all year long over there. but during summer, it's so much hotter in Hong Kong. the temperature is almost the same in both places, but the heat in Hong Kong, i suppose it's so much more than in Malaysia. All the heat are trapped in this city that built up of sky scrapers, the heat is even worse in crowded places like Mongkok. You'll want to stay indoor,oh,no, not indoor, but stay in an air-con room to prevent you from hydrating. Just like my room, it is like an oven without the baking plate all day long, haih, have to spend money to on the air-con. The only time i can stand the heat it when i sleep because i do not have the habit to sleep with the air-con on.


That day i went for dinner with CS, my ex-hall tutor. he brought me to a restaurant that i wouldn't go if wasn't him.Its a authentic restaurant located in Sun Po Kong, it is says to serve the best ku lou meat(sweet and sour pork) in Hong Kong. it is really good. after dinner, we walked over to Kowloon City, acording to CS, it is the forgotten Hong Kong. Kowloon City was the area next to the old airport(Kai Tak Airport), that's why the building in the area are not as tall as those u found else where. This is one of the area that i never really heard before, maybe it's because the area is not connected by MTR, but it is at walk-able distance to Diamond Hill. CS recommended a few thai restaurant and a few dessert shop around that area. There's also a shop that sell very nice egg tarts, they still sell freshly bakes egg tarts around 9pm, that's unusual for normal bakery. I shall go there again next time, for thai foos and dessert and egg tarts. LF you wan come along??be prepare for a long walk.

lemme show you what i did this whole morning and afternoon besides blogging.

this is my masterpiece for the afternoon (if i don't post up, i also dunno where to find this year later.)
/update:suddenly think that it looks like some court, with all the lines =) /

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