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“Negaraku, Tanah tumpahnya darahku, Rakyat Hidup, Bersatu dan Maju…”

This is our national anthem that we used to sing every Monday during school assembly during school days. I still remember there is this time, we were having rehearsal for our sports day and the band were playing the national anthem. Then us, the club committee members who are the helpers for the sports day who think this is just a rehearsal so we don’t bother to stand straight. All we did during the song were stand under a tree and chat and giggle. After the song, a prefect approached us and asked us to see the discipline teacher. Yup, you are right. We were lectured for not respecting the national anthem.

Despite all the issues that happen in Malaysia in the past few months, of course there are still a lot of things in Malaysia that make it so lovable. I have to list 5 things I love about Malaysia to celebrate its 51st birthday.

#1 FOOD!!!!of course it will be the food. Who wouldn’t love the food in Malaysia?? Tell me, u will have some problems with your tastebud(I dun think I am exaggerate here) Food in Malaysia is so special because of the varieties it have.It range from Roti canai, roti planta, roti telur, roti bawang,all the roti I can’t name them all, murtabak, tosai, nasi lemak, nasi kandar, nasi goreng, all the nasi I can’t name them all, laksa, mee rebus, satay, curry, bak kut teh, wantan noodle, chee cheung fun, penang kueh teow, ipoh chicken and taugeh hor fun, kennysia’s favorite kolo mee, claypot noodle, claypot rice to snack like pisang goreng, ubi goreng, curry puff,kaya puff, ipoh heong peah, tambun peah, 鸡仔饼(chicken flavour biscuit,老婆饼(wife biscuit,rojak and all the kuih muih I can’t name all to desserts like cendol, ais batu kacang, one tou long(the yellow jelly), red bean soup, green bean soup, peanut soup, bubur cha cha, and so many many many more until I can’t remember. Can I say I don’t love them all??Of course NOT!!!! Especially coming from the city that is famous for food-IPOH!!! We can proudly say that we can get good food at any stalls in Ipoh, and the food are guarantee nicer than those we get outside.

Yong Tau Fu from Pasar Pinji (i missed it already T.T)

Kaya puff from Sun Yun Heong (i missed them too T.T T.T)

Curry Mee from Yee Fatt (no time to eat when i was back last time T.T T.T T.T)

(photos courtesy from motormouth from ipoh and ipohmalitalaksombong)

#2 The North South Highway(PLUS) – it’s one of the best highway on earth, connecting Bukit Kayu Hitam at the very north to Johor Bharu at the very south of Penisular Malaysia. It makes our travelling from one city to another is faster than it used to be. Even China had the engineers that built PLUS to build their highway because PLUS is one of the highway with the lowest accident rate during rainy days. The road is so nicely build that makes our travelling so smooth. The north south highway is the road that I would like to conquer one day, I never got the chance to drive on the highway after I got my liscense.

the highway in the evening

#3 Malaysia is outside the earthquake zone. This means we are saved from the natural disasters that grab the life to thousands when they strike. Look at the earthquake at SiChuan this year. Look at the tsunami at Indonesia in 2005. Thousands of precious of life was taken away, it’s so sad to see things like this happen to the world. The physical help that the world gave is never enough to compensate the survivors; the wound is in the heart. We should be so so so so so so grateful that we are in a country that is outside the zone and we are able to give a helping hand to others when they need us.

#4 The fruits!!!!! All the tropical fruits!!!! The King of fruits : durian, the queen of fruits : mangoesteen, and a lot of princes and princesses like pineapple, guava, papaya, banana, duku, langsat. We even have strawberries from Cameron Highlands.


rambutans!!! the fresh rambutans are so nice!!!

#5 Malaysia is a tourist attraction!!! We've islands, we've highlands, we've mountains, we've forests. Malaysia is famous for the natural resources we've got.

Perhentian!!! look at the sea, it's so crystal clear!!

this is Redang!!! the crystal-clear sea. best place for snorkeling and diving. i don't know how to swim also love to see it.

Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands. there's also strawberry farm, cactus farm, bee farm, vege runaway place when you are hot.. will like to try hiking in Cameron Highlands, i remember reading one newspaper article about the forest of Cameron. it will be nice to hike in the cold weather, not so hot and sweaty.

gunung kinabalu!! even my friend in Hong Kong wants to hike there. but i never went there, cant be his tour guide.

beside this, we also have Petronas Twin Tower, Penang island, Taman Negara, Gua Nia, Genting Highlands. How can you say you don't love this land??

it's only a few more hours to go before the Merdeka celebration end. so i m still on time to wish Malaysia Happy 51st Birthday!!! must thank Tunku Abdul Rahman and his team for fighting for our independance. Happy Birthday!!!


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  1. hi, 1st time here. amused to find my pics here. :)
    dun worry, its ok. I love Ipoh food as well. you stay in Kowloon?
    i'll be in HK from next wkend onwards! i need some recommendations!!!


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