Saturday, September 6, 2008


today is Saturday. means school had opened for 5 days already!!!
cant actually believe my holidays end like this.

1) everyone will be in school on the 1st day of school. there's a jam in the school concourse area during class changing time on the first day of school. then people get lesser and lesser days by days. but the bus station still have a super long queue in the evening.

2) i got a too-long break during the summer holiday. i take so long time to digest what the lecturer teach. arhh!!! i become stupid liao!!! T.T

3) there's people who steal pots!!! i heard about food stealing, drinks stealing, cakes stealing but not pot stealing!!! but my pot was stolen or somehow disappear from the common room. and the weird thing is, the part they took is the heating part, not the pot that you cook with. wtf??!!! i end up have to borrow the heating plate from len foong. it's lucky we both bought the same pot, if not my raw materials will be spoilt T.T pity me, please return my pot to me!!! you stupid thief..

i guess that's all i can write...i'll remember to bring camera next week =)

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