Thursday, August 28, 2008

i do not unpack to post this!!

finally got some free time for myself.
i moved into my room, the room that was cleared by the cleaning ladies who didn't clean my room. All the hairs, paper stripes and rubbish that are buried under all the luggages and boxes are now so obvious in the clean room (not so clean now, i move my luggages in already, now they are all around the room, on the floor, on the table)
so tired these few days, last friday was typhoon nuri day and i spend the whole day on campus with the Malaysian kids, then i brought them to Mongkok to be part of the summer crowd. Sunday was cycling day, more on that later. Monday was the kicked-out-of-room day, i spent the whole night finding my daily necessaries from the mountain-high luggages. Tuesday, not abit better, spent whole night looking for debit notes in the mountain-high luggages(again) with Alex and Yong Yong but we din even see the tip of the paper. all the things are just so not in order, they just throw everything in gigantic black plastic bag, it's so hard to figure out what are the things in a certain bags.
then after the dinner gathering yesterday, i checked-in to my room and moved most of my luggages back to the room(i cant figure out what i left behind, they are just too many) and i left them all unpacked and went to sleep. fyi, that was already 2.00am when i finish moving in.

ok, enough of moaning. let's share some happy moments.

i am finally done with this summer industrial training. no more waking up at 7.00am and traveling for 1 hour to PolyU with my half-awake brain and half-open eyes. Last week was the CAD week, this week was electronics week. We are suppose to make 4 electronic devices in our 4 days of training, ie alram clock, mini organ(the music instrument, not those in your body), decision maker and music box. But because we progress like little tortoise, we do not manage to make the music box. After this module, i decided to drop the elec101 that i registered this semester, don't think i am able to handle this course, i was so confuse with all the electronics stuffs, especially when the instructor teaching in Cantonese(again), all the terms he use i also don't understand. so shitty.

by the way, must show you what make during this four days. i paid $10 for the 3 devices i made. have to prove to my parents i got go for my trainings ma..haha..

this is practice for cable and harness. we have to work with all the tiny things. but this one cannot bring back, he give me i also don't wan, the thing so huge, take up so many space and useless to me.

this is the alarm clock i made!!!!haha, the display screen cacat one. instructor said must be something wrong with the mini chip. mine is good enough to show two and a half numbers, some are not working. (ok, my name was upside down, i didn't know which direction to place when i write my name)

this is the back of the alram. the chip that operates the digital alarm was placed under the black mould. because we place that manually, everything was so inaccurate so the alarm is a bit cacat here and there.

this is the decision maker, there's 6 LED on the board, when u push the little switch, the LED will blink and only one LED will light in the end. kononnya, it's to help you decide when you don not know how to, but must have 6 options, what if i only got 4 and the LED that light up is the other 2??? i was the 2nd last to finish this project on the very last day, ei, nope, i was the 2nd last to finish among those who finished. four of us stayed until 6pm to finish the device. it's so exciting to see the LED blinking and the beeper beeping..*clap hands*

this is the mini organ(the music instrument, not those in your body, sweat) we were given a diagram and was asked to design our own circuit, we got to decide how we want to place the tiny devices. i didn't know that you can make an organ with different values resistors. my organ very funny because i place one line wrongly so my organ now sound do-mi-re instead of do-re-mi..and the ti is one semitone flat..sweat.

haha..this is sanura. want to act cool when he solder. alex, the mechanic at the background(his jacket make him look like mechanics..haha..)

ok, that's the end.

i don't want to unpack liao, i want go sleep. good night. sleep tight. sweet dreams. bye bye.

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