Tuesday, August 5, 2008


there are so many unhappy things happening these days, so i want to do something happy, to make my friend happy, and then i might be happy too.
nuffnang got this contest call the nuffnang gift ideas contest.
i got to give gifts of my choice to fellow nuffnangers..i give something to a friend, then she'll be happy, when she's happy, she'll tell me she's happy, then she'll thank me, then i am happy. happiness is simply this simple.( i like this, me so wise..ahahaha..)

i never try online shopping before. i know this is the new trend of shopping, people who don't shop online sound so outdated. but i love going out shopping, especially u have a friend coming along. chatting while shopping is one of the best way to release stress. you still feel very happy no matter what you bought. i like to hold and feel the item i am going to buy, it feel so insecure to buy something without knowing it, its like blind-marriage. maybe this is because i rarely buy those very expensive thing where their quality is 101% guaranteed. so, this is the 1st time i am shopping online from the nuffnang contest partner, Real Mart and the goods you can buy or redeem on the site are from well known brands, i guess it gives more confidence to the customers. i am not trying to say good things about them, but u see what they got.


OGAWA Handheld Massager S300-OG300

not bad, right?

Anyway, i have to come back to my topic.
i got something i would like to give to LF a.k.a. fuckee.

i will force you to wear it every day to class
when u buckle your watch, you will know its time to buckle down and work hard.
this is what you need now, right??? me so good to choose this for you =)
when u look at the watch, it will remind you to hold on to every seconds and minutes u have to study study and study. then you will also remind me..hehe..

another features that i like about the watch that makes it perfect for you
its WATER RESISTANT until 100m
you can even wear this when u r snookering and diving in the deep blue sea.

so, u like it anot???

must say u like, OK?? if not, next time i dun cook for you..


  1. wah....why u suddenly so nice to me de?eh really ah?for sure ah?do i have to pay for it?or do u?no need right?how come got such nice contest one?i aso wanna join,i can give u something aso right?what u want?hahahahahahahaha omg i love love love love love love love love love love love u!!!!!!!and..it was always me who cook for u,not the other way around,hahahahaah

  2. haha..of coz not real 1 lar..u think i still got money to buy u luxurious gift meh??
    u can give me also ar..haha..the post is for fun lar..u wun get the item unless u win the contest..but still can go choose something online mar =)


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