Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Side Effect of Staying Up too much to study

warning:this is a 18SX rated post. please do not proceed if u are underage

after 2 nights of studying MGTO120:introduction to management and bury myself within a bunch of terms like Hawthorne studies, SWOT analysis, decision making, franchiser, franchisee, employer and employee, you will learn something more than management.

believe it or not, you will improve you English too. i'll explain why ~~

just now, LF come to my room to borrow a mat from me, after telling me how she screwed up the MGTO exam paper...

LF: f*cker, i want to go back liao
me: ok..
me: wei, u kenot call me f*cker.
LF: Y??
me: grammatically, i am not a f*cker, i am a f*ckee.

ps: my MGTO professor will want to bang himself to the wall if he know this is what his student learned.
ps2: lf say no one will understand if i dun explain the joke.ok, so here's is it
grammatically, employer is some one who employ workers and employee is someone who is being
employ by the employer. so, according to this logic, f*cker is someone who f*ck while f*ckee is someone
being f*ck.
ps3: this is just a gag. not to insult anyone.

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