Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bloggers and politicians

*some part of the following post is just a joke, don't sue me, i tak de duit

As cheesie said, we are now having the same identity as Dr M and some other politicians - which is rong xin (荣幸)

Not very long time ago, politicians were all against bloggers. Suddenly, we were monkeys. Maybe we swing to much from blog to blog and commends too much..weird le..we don't use blog swing le, the term use is blog-hop..should be kangaroo..aiya..cannot also,kangaroo is not animal in Malaysia..haih, quite mah fan le..

so, i din blog much about Malaysian current news that time. or to say clearly, i rarely blog about current news that gained too high attention..haha..because my mum warned me not to do anything that will bring her problem, she does not want any thing like namewee happen to me..and to her also, as a obedient daughter, i shall continue to blog more not so nutritious post..

ok, enough about not nutritious blog. what i want to say is it is too unexpectable that some politicians is starting their own blog!!!!politicians blog too!!! even our dear former prime minister is now blogging at people who were once dislike all the bloggers are now blogging...they are actually becoming monkeys..

OMG!!the parliament is turning into a zoo..

i like the post of kennysia, very funny lor. cant imagine limkitsiang camwhore-ing. sure his assistant will pengsan if he sees that


  1. jiejie a malaysian?

  2. yes..i m Malaysian in hong kong too =)

  3. ahhh .. do you go back to KL often? where do you study?

  4. i m not from KL actually, i m from ipoh. cant go back all the time, only during holidays..i m studying at HKUST..

  5. =.=lll

    Why does everybody equate Msia to Kay-Ehl??

    Never heard of the song "Ipoh Mali" meh? XD

    i was quite drowsy this morning and Kenny gave me a shock of a lifetime...maybe u also try la... not bad de put ur face on a tiger de body... XD so fierce T.T

  6. of course will think of KL, the capital of Malaysia..its very normal what..

    what happen with tiger??tiger also tiger to you only..i m always to nice =p


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