Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Begining of May, End of Semester

#1 Hmm..suddenly they get such good PA system...Hall 2 people is celebrating their graduation, i think..wake me up from my sweet dream T.T
never mind..wake me up to waste the rest of my time...listen to them shouting( for them is dem cheers-demonstrate cheers) and singing...

#2 china visa problem. news about getting visa from hong kong was out last month, but no one ever realize. people from 33 countries are not allow to apply for visa to china from hong kong. include malaysia. but except those with HKID..or someone who reside or work in Hong Kong. Hmm..but they din mention anything about people STUDYING in Hong Kong. Hmm..many documents are needed, such as return air ticket and accommodation. still waiting for the confirmation from the youth hostel we will be staying, waited whole day, hope they will email me tomorrow. N hope they will accept my application. Please, i really want to visit Beijing!!!

#3 insurance problem. which travel insurance should i buy?? some are expensive, some do not cover a lot. haih, very ma fan. let me think about of whole group. must think carefully.

#4 waiting for the summer holiday. i hope to go on a trip. If i am allow to, of course i want to go Bangkok. I want to stay in boutique hotels, got some recommendations already. And of course not to forget Chatuchak. If not, trip in Malaysia also not bad. Melaka, Langkawi, Genting, Cameron. Too bad my parents no holiday when i am back. Anyone wants to travel, can ask me along. I promise i'll be good girl..haha..

#5 Semester going to end soon. One presentation and one test. doot.

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