Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wrong, but still so nice

Went for sweet soup some times ago, but just upload the photos.
so lazy to explain..just have a look at the photos and let your saliva drip till the floor, but be careful, don't flood yourself..

People that can produce good food are not necessary have good English. Look at the evidence i've got!!! Its worse than mine..

its ice cream not lce cream and innovative, not lnovative.
maybe its the problem of the person who type this menu, who knows

new fruit. MAMGO..u gotta try it

Although some mistakes on their menu, but they still serve so delicious sweet soup( 糖水)
help me to gain weight only, and spend money..

芒果河粉 Mamgo River..haha..Mango River la.. the hor fun is actually sea coconut my favorite from the shop, very nice..
the bowl is specially designed. It have a slot and two holes for you to place the chopsticks, so that it will not roll off the bowl.

this should be sea coconut with glutinous rice, not bad.

very famous dessert in Hong Kong. u can get it in almost every dessert shop. its call 杨枝甘露 .its mango, pamelo, sago serve in mamgo,oops, mango juice. i like 杨枝甘露 from Honeymoon better =p

something baked..i just forgot the name..haha..but its something new, because i normally ordered cold desert.

below are photos of the dessert in the process of being eaten.

this is not my favorite dessert shop. Hmm, maybe because of the environment and the location. customers are seated outdoor and the service is not very friendly. The shop is located on a quiet street in Sai Kung, and they didn't have many branches in Hong Kong. But the dessert they serve are still good =)
* forgot to tell, its a dessert shop in Sai Kung call 甜源居

next time do review on other dessert shop i went..i got many photos..because i went for dessert too many times, until i don't take photos now.. =.="

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