Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I cant sleep, that's why i post this

i was suppose to sleep last night, but due to some really unknown reason, i stayed up the whole night. OMG!!! i cant believe i m doing this during not exam time.


Gloomy for the past few days. Things weren't running as smoothly as i wished. Things always turned out like this, right?? Don't feel like talking about it again. I hope people who received the e-mail i sent will least read it, ok???


Went for interview on Monday. will blog about that later, hopefully...


went for tea at LG1 restaurant after interview Len Foong since we are in the same interview group. Stay happy baby.
Cakes were always nice for tea. $10 for a tea set. a piece of cake and 1 drink. we had lemon cheese, a cheese-cake-which-i-forget-the-name and a fruit puff

finally Google let me upload photos =)

the lemon cheese cake

the cheese-cake-that-i-forget-its-name, and len foong's black heart, cant stop loving her shirt. the black heart is sooooo cool..

fruit puff, and len foong's hand



suddenly feel sad, at this moment
found out the blog of a friend. Read through her blogs during the time she break up with her ex
she mention about her mother.
i think of mine too.
i remember how she ask is everything ok.
i know what she mean.
yea, mum i m ok, erm, i mean we are ok.

i miss them so much..but i call home so less..
i cried all the time when i think about them..
my family..
they are there for me..but where am i now??
they care for me, even i m so far away..
i don't want to be emo, but sorry, can't help.

my weakness..


anyway, from the date of her blog.
remind me bout my birthday
i still remember U FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY last year!!!
u know who you are..don't deny!!!


the photos in this post are not very nice. its taken with my hp's camera.
not as good as a real camera.
i'll remember to bring camera next time.


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