Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are You Ready????

Its always so fun to have parties...but we don't always have time and money to go for party *sob sob* That'a why..we need some people to organize some parties for poor students like us...A party where you can meet a lot of people and have fun!!!

And in HKUST, we have NAUTY (eNjoy the pleAsUre of diversiTY) to organize party for everyone. (haha..sounds like advertisement, do i make a good spokesperson???)
whatever, the main point is, we had our major even of this semester last Thursday at LG4 common room *clap hands*

Preparation start early in the morning. this time we have much less to do compare to the last party because we are having it indoor where tables, chairs and sofas are all available at the venus. We don't have to carry them to the venue by ourself. Do you know how hard is it to carry so many things in one day???

I din involved too much in the venue set up because i went out to get the food between classes. but when i arrive at the venue at around 4.30 that afternoon, things was going on pretty smooth. The decorations were still in progress..People decorating the bar, people working at the food table preparing food, people fixing the PA system....

Until, the employees of the place comes...They were not happy with how we "renovate" the place..Just because we hang some cloths from the ceiling and moved the sofas and coffee tables....They say we are giving them problem because we moved the table to the wall and faced the drawers to the wall. Because not much people understand Cantonese, they keep repeating the same complaints to me...again and again and again *headache*
We keep promise them we'll turn the table over after the guys finished with the bar and will put everything back to normal position after the party. They only willing to leave after like 20 minutes..Or maybe more than that???

Thank god they are finally gone...there are still some work to be done before we open up to let people in. We still need to get food from restaurant, we need to heat up food..the PA system is not very good and we had to borrow from another society. (more story on this)

straws in the glass

stage..i personally love the lamps..

breadsticks..they were gone just in a blink of eyes when we start serving.

decorations on the food table..

working at the food table

places to sit and hang around if u are not dancing

love the idea of dividing the sitting places by curtains.. good job Sameen..

They cant wait till the even start

sitting places and the lamps..look real nice after the ceiling lights were off

equipments for cocktail mixing ( s this the word to use???) stand-by long time before the event

my favorite picture...lamp and wine glasses on the decoration..

that's all for now..will update soon for the event itself...

now i m going to check the comments of the photos on Facebook..ciao

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