Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the month of April - Life after April Fool

Have you think of what are the keywords that people can search your blog in Google???
I found a few keywords from nuffnang and i find it very funny.

1. HUMA100G - one of the course i m taking this semester.

2. IELM151 - another course i take this semester

i blogged the two things on the same post. It's on the 1st of April where i have so many things to do..but until now, i still have many things to do until i cant count..
Exams and homeworks are just part of the list


Met Sanura and Alex this afternoon in the concourse area. Our conversation start like this. " Why are you here??" The three of us are suppose to be in class during that time, but none of us did..kikshou...
Alex was at his counter persuading people to join their palm-reading activity that cost HKD20..
Sanura..erm..i think was fooling around the cafe area..n me...hmm..again i was late for class, as usual..
We are not good students..maybe it's me only...


Few photos that i took over the weekends ( or maybe over the last weekends)

lot of people visiting HKUST during weekends. saw 1 group of tourist in the atrium last Sunday when i am going to Shatin.

saw a couple shooting for their wedding on the street at Mongkok last Satuday when we went to Charlie Brown cafe. everyone stop or slow down to have a look. some even take out their cameras and took pictures of them taking photos (eg. me)
so creative to think of the place of shooting.

couple posing for sweet..

shooting of a television programme was going on further down the road. i think the program is about feng shui. a celebrity feng shui master - Mak Ling Ling (麦玲玲)(the short hair lady)was trying to help a girl who wants to marry for some reasons that i already forgot. People stop by to watch.


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