Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is no april's fool (even more things added)

I am so dead now.
so many works to do.

1) language online activity due tomorrow
2) MATH113 assignment
3) IELM151 mid-term on Thursday
4)COMP103 mid-term next Wednesday
5) HUMA100G mid-term next Thursday
6) organizing a Beijing trip
7) organizing our Inauguration on 25 April
8) organizing a party with the theme World Music Night on 17 April
(of cause there is a organizing committee working hard on 6,7 and 8. but being in 3 of them gives me enough work )

besides this, many other places to go in these few days
1) to Chinese University of Hong Kong tomorrow for the inauguration of their HKAYP
2) class visit to HIT next Tuesday *grin*
3) to Bapist University for the HKAYP inauguration
4) to Lingnan University for HKAYP inauguration
5) Institute of Education for another inauguration
6)to Polytechnic University for their inauguration
7)to HKU SPACE for a Joint-U meeting
6 university in one month, wow..should i call this great or what??

There's something on almost everyday according to my diary. still s bunch of things that i haven't list out
i have to choose between sleep and work.
matilah sekarang!!!


  1. wow, yr schedule is really packed to the max but seems interesting at the same time. put me in the list going to beijing. courier the air tickets to me ...... LOL!


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