Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sweat sweat sweat =.="

i went to a function organized by a society of a university in Hong Kong on Monday. The committee members decided to put up a performance to entertain all the guests before the function end. According to them, they want to show us their team work. The background music is 洗刷刷 by 花儿乐团。

yea, this is the performance.
the boy is trying so hard to perform and only president follow his movements. the poor girl. and the others just stand behind and claps their hand..
Now i know this is call team work..
One people work hard, another follow, and the others stand by the side, watch and clap...
Don't think that they actually talk about this discussion before this. Maybe someone suddenly come out with this idea a few minutes before and everyone have to go out because they are suppose to show their strong team work.

really sweat after i watch the performance....i rather they don't perform, if not everyone in the team is willing to dance. Everyone's laughing throughout the show because it's simply a joke to us. =.="

Hope no one will come up with this sudden idea and do something similiar in the function we are organizing...I am so so so so so going to stop them before they go up on stage. i don't mind them to perform after everything end and those who are interested to watch them are welcome to stay, but please don't do anything like this to spoil the smoothly-run function.

*praying hard and cannot tahan*

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  1. *stunned* This is what i call KIKSHOU!!! lol... Hope y'all can put up a better performance than them... Hehe... =)


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