Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am not sure how much news do you guys read, i admit i don't really read every piece of news in the newspaper.
But i think there is something in the paper that everyone must have at least heard before,that is the Edison Chan scandal..sorry,i m not posting any of his leaked photos here,but i m sure u know u can find those photos on the internet *wink*

edison chan,the guy who get to sleep alot of leng luis.i think many guys would want to call him Sifu
I am not commenting on anything he did in the past,the entertainment industry is not something people like us can understand,unless you are part of it,and you have to take anything happened, happening and going to happen in it.
I am sure you guys know one of the actress involved is Cecelia Chung, wife of Nicholas Tse. After her photos leaked out, the media has been following them day and night,hoping to get the 1st hand news of their divorce.

the couple that's living under the camera spotlights since they were together.
this is one of the most ridiculous thing that i ever saw.The media are actually publishing articles about their divorce every single day,yup,everyday.They even made up a lot of reasons why they know Nicholas will divorce Cecelia.and the Most Used Reason is Nicholas Tse is not wearing their wedding ring.

the media have a infra red reader that can read the bar code of the ring on Nicholas Tse???
What's the problem of wearing and not wearing wedding rings??wedding rings are just some symbolic item that you have in a wedding.I don't think by not wearing a ring means you want a divorce.If this is the case,then my parents were divorced for a very long time la,my mum was not wearing any ring on her finger. The reason is she don't like to have something on her hands when she's doing house chores.Why not wearing the ring will be the proof of divorcing? Then if i am wearing a ring,means i am married lo??
Is everything really goes on like how it appears??People may want to look different from what it is when they appear in public. People would want to keep their own privacy, they will have something would like to hide from the public.Why i have to expose my everyday life to everyone??

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